What is a laser?

A laser can be thought of as a kind of alternator. The laser emits - only for a whole short moment - a beam of light. This beam of light has very special properties: unlike visible light, it has only one very specific color, which is determined by its wavelength. Its bundled, absolutely pure light can now cause certain changes in tissue.

Laser technology has opened up a whole new dimension in medicine. Where once only invasive surgery or strong drugs were often necessary, the laser can heal without scars or side effects.

Thus, laser medicine has become a modern and gentle alternative to previous treatment methods.

The fine and parallel light beam of the laser enables absolutely precise and extraordinarily safe treatment An example: while previously only millimeter-thick layers of skin could be removed with a scalpel, the laser allows microfine slice-by-slice removal in the range of a few thousandths of a millimeter. The surgeon thus always knows exactly in which skin layer he is working.

As a result, the tissue also heals much faster than after other conventional treatment methods. Consequently, the side effects of laser therapy are also comparatively minimal. Most laser treatments are also very painless - a gentle local anesthetic is quite sufficient, and in many cases it is not even necessary.  At Bodensee Laserklinik Dr. Braun Überlingen, you are sure to be treated only with the latest, advanced laser technology

Laser safety

Laser devices are divided into different groups and hazard classes according to MedGV § 2 due to their potential risk to humans (user or patient). Incorrect or negligent use of the above-mentioned laser devices, which all belong to group 1 and the highest hazard class 4, can result in significant damage to humans such as blindness or burns (scarring or ulceration).

Since, depending on the type of laser used, the penetration depth of the effective laser beam can be several millimeters, the indications of the respective laser devices must be observed and special precautions must be taken to protect the eyes and adjacent skin. This in particular is an important reason for the patient to whom he entrusts himself:

Only to a laser therapist with many years of experience! Only to a specialist in dermatology who can judge whether skin changes may be lasered or not!

Dr. Braun, the head physician of the Bodensee Laser Clinic, is one of the pioneers of dermatological laser therapy in Germany and has been working with lasers since 1993. He is one of the first members of the German Dermatological Laser Society DDL. For years, he has reported on his work at scientific congresses and also organizes such events himself: At the Dermatology Symposium Bodensee in Überlingen, the latest results and advances in laser treatment are discussed scientifically.

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