Gentle-YAG Laser

The Gentle-YAG laser glides over the skin as a long pulsed neodymium. The Gentle-YAG laser is suitable for:


What distinguishes the Gentle-YAG laser from other depilation and vascular lasers? Compared to other lasers, the Coolglide has a number of advantages:

Due to its long pulse, it reaches much deeper tissue layers than other lasers and can therefore obliterate deeper vessels and veins. Due to its special technology, it is able to close vessels with minimal secondary reactions: as a rule, there is only redness for a few hours.

The Gentle-YAG laser leaves the pigment system largely alone. This has a number of other advantages: patients with tanned skin can also be treated successfully, patients only need to avoid the sun for a few days after laser treatment, and the use of light protection creams is only necessary for a few days after laser treatment.

The Gentle-YAG laser is also a vascular laser; however, it is primarily used by us for the treatment of excessive hair in all facial and body zones: especially on the face, armpits, bikini area, but also on large-area regions such as the back or legs. With its intense light pulses, it scleroses the hair roots via the hair canals. In this process, the pigment, i.e. the color of the hair, serves as a "lightning conductor" that guides the light pulse of the Gentle-YAG laser into the depths. Here it can then switch off the hair root by its energy.

In this way, optimal treatment success can be achieved while sparing the surrounding skin: Hair can be removed in just a few sessions, which was previously not possible by any other method. In some cases the hair disappears immediately after treatment, in others the hair root is selectively damaged in such a way that the remaining hair spontaneously falls out later or at least hair thickness and density are significantly reduced and the treated hair becomes sparser, lighter and thinner. However, light blond or white hair cannot be treated successfully with the Gentle YAG laser (as with all other depilation lasers).

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