Nail fungus, athlete's foot, ingrown nails

Whether ingrown toenails, nail fungal diseases, corns, pressure sores, rhagades - the feet are a frequent reason for a presentation to the dermatologist. Often, good treatment successes can already be achieved with a medical foot treatment.

In many cases, ingrown toenails and the resulting pain and inflammation can be treated by podiatry without surgery. Causes are for example "wrong" cutting of the nails or too tight shoes.

The nail is pressed into the surrounding tissue, which can lead to inflammation due to the entry of bacteria and subsequently to the development of "wild flesh" (granulation tissue). Most often the big toe is affected.


If recurrent inflammation cannot be eliminated by conservative measures, an ingrown toenail should be corrected surgically. Under local anesthesia, part of the nail including the nail bed and the adjacent tissue is removed (Emmert's plastic surgery), which makes the nail narrower and reduces the risk of it growing in again.

Medical foot care can also provide relief for corns, pressure points or "cracks" (rhagades). We will be happy to advise you on this in our dermatology practice Dr. Martin Braun.

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