"Prevention is better than cure"

Therefore, we recommend regular (at least biennial) skin cancer screening. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic methods, such as computer-assisted video reflected-light microscopy, we are able to detect skin cancer and its preliminary stages at an early stage. Please make an appointment by phone 07551/1466.

Protect against skin cancer

The most important thing is consistent sun protection: this includes, above all, avoiding sunbathing, wearing hats or caps and using sunscreen creams with SPF 50+.

Detect skin cancer

  • Clinical experience of the dermatology specialist.
  • Reflected light microscopy: with a handheld microscope placed on the skin, the structure of a suspicious skin change can be assessed much more accurately than with the naked eye.
  • Computer-assisted video reflected-light microscopy: a special microscope is placed on the skin. This allows moles to be magnified up to 80 times and measured precisely. A video camera connected to it stores the images of the microscopic birthmarks.
  • Photodynamic diagnostics (PDD): Suspected cancerous skin areas can be precisely delineated using a lamp that emits "black light". This PDD diagnostics has the advantage over other diagnostic methods that by exposing an ointment  to the naked eye, magnifying glass or skin microscope, incipient skin cancer sites that are not yet visible can be made visible.
  • Trial biopsy (tissue sample) and histological tissue examination.
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