Medically disturbing marks, warts and veins

Red veins on the face, mostly harmless skin warts or moles, age spots and age warts that want to be removed, we can successfully treat with various laser methods in our clinic.

Laser therapy makes the treatment of numerous skin changes possible. Particularly suitable for laser treatment are fine red or bluish veins on the face, spider nevi, age spots, age warts, acne scars or couperosis.


Treatment with laser

  • Diode-pumped KTP-Laser:"The gold standard for the treatment of small blood vessels and red veins". This special vascular laser can be used to successfully treat smaller and thinner veins in particular, as well as blood sponges. In contrast to the color laser, the KTP laser does not cause small bruises after the treatment. In most cases, the treatment leaves hardly any visible traces; rarely, there may be isolated small bruises that fall off again after a few days.
    The KTP laser can be used to treat skin lesions containing blood vessels:
  • Red veins
  • Rosacea = redness and extensive veins on the face and nose
  • Brush-shaped spider veins and branch varices on the legs
  • Small hematomas (hemangiomas)
  • Inherited vascular stains
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