Age warts

They almost always appear in the course of life on some part of the body and usually no cause can be found. Often these skin growths develop due to an inherited predisposition. Such harmless skin changes as brownish age warts or birthmarks (so-called "dermal nevi") can be excellently removed in our clinic with a special gentle ablation laser, our pulsed erbium laser, or by manual ablation with subsequent Co2-Laser treatment.

In contrast to conventional procedures, this is usually done without scarring. However, moles that show even the slightest suspicion of atypical cell changes must not be treated with the pigment or ablation laser.

The costs are usually covered by private health insurance companies, but not or only in exceptional cases by statutory health insurance companies such as AOK, Barmer, DAK, Techniker, IKK, BKKs and others.

Birthmark on neck before removal

Dr. Martin Braun Laserklinik Bodensee

After removal

Dr. Martin Braun Laserklinik Bodensee
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