Pigment spots / age spots

Many people suffer from the brown to brown-black skin changes on the face or hands popularly known as "age spots". These harmless pigment spots are often associated with sun-induced photodamage and can be lightened and removed by various treatment options.

Age spots back of hand before treatment

Dr. Martin Braun Laserklinik Bodensee

After successful treatment

Dr. Martin Braun Laserklinik Bodensee

Such light damage is a serious warning sign. The corresponding people are at high risk of soon developing skin cancers and should be thoroughly examined by a dermatologist at least once a year.

Even if the pigment spots often harmless, it can happen that a malignant black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) is hidden behind them. A careful light microscopic and, if necessary, histological examination is therefore an absolute prerequisite before the spot is treated with a laser.

How does laser treatment with the pigment laser work?

With a special pigment laser, it is possible to remove both light brown to dark brown pigment spots without scars and in most cases with little pain. This special laser (called a Q-switched frequency-doubled neodymium-YAG laser in the technical jargon) works from the outset with the light of two wavelengths, which hits both the light-brown and dark-brown melanin of the pigment spots or freckles in the uppermost layer of the skin.

Causes of pigmentation spots

Pigment spots are not only triggered by influences of age and sunlight. Even in young people they can be triggered by various causes:

  • traces of perfumes (especially with bergamot oil) together with sunlight.
  • Medications (e.g. St. John's wort)
  • Hormones (especially the pill)
  • Healing inflammations of the skin (e.g. also pimples)
  • Injuries and scars healing with brown discoloration (pigmentation)
  • Sclerosing treatments
  • and others

For most of these causes, pigmentation does not occur until sunlight is added. Pigment or birthmarks that show even the slightest suspicion of an atypical cell change must not be treated with the pigment or ablation laser.

What can be treated?

This pigment laser is not only suitable for the absolutely scarless and painless removal of age spots.
It can also be used to remove other pigment spots:

  • Freckles
  • pregnancy spots
  • Removal of permanent make-up
  • Pigmented, brownish scars
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