1972                       Medical state examination and doctorate to Dr. med. (both grade one "magna cum laude")
1972 - 1974 medical assistant time
1974 - 1979 Scientific assistant at the University Dermatology Clinic in Heidelberg
seit 1981 health insurance doctor in Überlingen am Bodensee
seit 1993 Laser treatments
1998 Founding Bodensee Laserklinic Dr. Braun GmbH
  Member of the german dermatological laser society and many other national and international scientific societies
1994 -1998 honorary chairman of professional association germans dermatologist Südwürttemberg
  Lectures at national and international congresses in Germany and abroad and regular exchange of scientific experiences with German and foreign colleagues
Seit 1996 Organizer of the "Dermatology Symposium Bodensee", which takes place every two years in Überlingen, advanced training event for resident doctors in southern Germany


Dr. med. Martin Braun

Dr. med. Martin Braun Überlingen
Dr. med. Martin Braun
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